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Performance of the students of her/his school in MP/HS Exam(**HS school should select HS result only)
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Report on attendance(January to December) in 2016, 2017, 2018 * all field mandatory
Academic years Total no. of working days No. of days attended the school No. of late attendance(without permission) No. of early departure(without permission) No. of days On Duty No. of days On leave

  • The matter must be authenticated by Govt. nominee/administrator in case of Govt. Aided/ Sponsored schools.
  • In case of other type of schools where there in no Govt. nominee, the same must be authenticated by SI/S/AI/S or DI/S.
  • For Govt. School the sate must be authenticated by HM(For Asstt. Masters & Mistresses)/President of the Governing Body(for HM).

PART-D * all field mandatory
Undertaking by the Teacher

  • that there is neither any kind of complaint against my name is the office of DI/ S(SE)/ DI/ S(PE)/ of the District concerned DD SE(BH) or even at the school level, not any court case is initiated by me against the Govt.
  • No Departmental Proceeding is pending or awarded any punishment against me in the past.
  • that there is no criminal case against me pending at any Police Station.
  • that the above statement is true, and in the event of any suppression of the fact, I shall personally be held responsible and in that case the Govt. will be free to take any kind of penal action against me in future and i will also be liable to refund the award including cash award forthwith.

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